By Dr. Michael A. Kezian, DDS

           You’ve heard the term general dentist; but maybe you’re not sure what a general dentist is qualified to do. Well, we have narrowed it down for you in 4 different categories. This will help you understand the job of a general dentist better.

            First and foremost, it is important to know that not all general dentists focus on the same procedures. With this said, most of them can complete procedures that fall under cosmetic dentistry, root canal dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and even emergency dentistry. In the case of Larchmont Dental Associates, all of these dental categories are focused on at the office.

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist:

            Dr. Michael Kezian is trained in and very experienced in cosmetic dentistry. He and his staff have changed many patients’ smiles as well as their confidence. As a cosmetic dentist, he has performed numerous procedures. These include but are not limited to dental veneers, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, re-contouring teeth, or bondings.  Dr. Michael has even changed smiles by changing silver fillings to white ones per his patients’ requests. Therefore, all of these are cosmetic dental procedures that can be done by a general dentist.

Root Canal Dentist:

            At Larchmont Dental Associates, root canal procedures are pretty common. This means patients in need of root canals don’t have to search for a specific specialist to go see. They can stay with their general dentist and have the root canal performed at the office they are used to going. Only in cases where a root canal procedure may be tricky or may be difficult will your general dentist refer you to a specialist they know and trust. Even then you don’t have to be stuck trying to find a specialist to go to because your general dentist will provide you with one!

Pediatric Dentist:

            Another great aspect is that some general dentists even work with children. Due to this, you don’t have to go to a specific dentist and have a separate one for your kids. As a family, you can


all be treated at the same office. This makes dental appointments more convenient. Dr. Michael has experience in working with children and will make their office visit a comfortable one as he prides in keeping the comfort of his patients his priority.

Emergency Dentist:

            In addition, general dentists can even take on emergency cases! This means if you’re dealing with any sort of dental pain, whether it is gum related or tooth related, you can go see your regular dentist. Dr. Michael has worked with countless emergency cases. Some of these cases were broken veneers or crowns, fallen veneers or crowns, broken teeth, chipped teeth, root canals, extractions, gum pain or bleeding, abscess, infection, and even TMJ pain!

Make sure your general dentist can see you during dental emergencies. It is important to know before you actually need an emergency appointment.

To find out more about general dentistry, call our office today and our staff will be more than happy to help! You can reach us by calling (323) 465-2127.

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