Dr. Michael Kezian

Are you having a dental emergency and don’t have a dentist to go to? Well, we’ve got the answer for you. Larchmont Dental Associates specializes in emergency dentistry and has the amount of experience necessary to get you out of pain in under an hour. This emergency dentist in Larchmont will make sure you leave the office smiling again.

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At Larchmont Dental Associates, you will meet Dr. Michael and his staff. They focus on different aspects of emergency dentistry and will be more than happy to help you schedule an appointment as necessary. They can assist you with some of the following procedures:

Throbbing/Pulsating Pain – Larchmont dentist Los Angeles, Dr. Michael Kezian, has helped alleviate pain symptoms from patients alike. Whether they’ve had minor pain, or throbbing/pulsating pain, Dr. Michael has been able to help them. If you’re experience throbbing pain, that is keeping you up at nights, or not letting you carry out your daily activities, then it’s clear it is time to visit the emergency dentist. This type of pain is a sure sign of a root canal procedure. Dr. Michael can confirm the treatment that is necessary upon taking X-Rays at the office and having a dental evaluation. If the outcome is a root canal, you’re in luck, because Dr. Michael performs root canals daily.

Gum Pain – If you are dealing with gum related pain, then the treatment you will need is quite different. Maybe you have inflamed gums, or you have something caught in-between or underneath the gums, whatever the case, Dr. Michael can properly and thoroughly clean the area to make sure you are out of pain.

Emergency Dentist in Larchmont

Broken/Cracked Tooth – Dr. Michael knows how much a broken tooth can affect his patients – both physically, because of possible pain or discomfort, and emotionally, because of the aesthetics. Depending on how much tooth structure is lost, Dr. Michael will discuss the proper treatment for you. An X-Ray would be taken of the area just to confirm what the dentist suggests, and a treatment plan will be made upon further evaluation.

These are some of the procedures completed at Larchmont Dental Associates. The team at the office has the amount of experience to help you in almost all emergency appointments. Take advantage of their flexible schedule and open emergency phone lines and make your phone call today! You can reach the office at (323) 465 – 2127.

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