By Dr. Michael A. Kezian, DDS

Ar you SCARED of the Dentist? How to Overcome You Dental Fears!

Do you suffer from dental anxiety and fear? It’s more common than you think and can be overcome! Help is available, you are not alone! Many attributing factors lead to Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia. Bad dental experiences as a child, bad teeth, fear of needles, pain, pre-existing anxiety disorder, lack of control, and of course biological mechanisms attribute to the fear. Serious anxiety prevents millions of Americans from seeing proper preventative care. Usually people with severe dental phobias have a higher risk of gum disease and early tooth loss. Avoiding the dentist can even lead to emotional costs. Thankfully Dr. Michael A. Kezian DDS and his staff at The Larchmont Dental Associates are trained to help ease patients with anxiety and fear.

            Most fears trace back to childhood where the patient experienced pain at the dentist. Negative past experiences play a big role in how we feel for years to come. Many feel vulnerable when sitting in the chair, laying back and not knowing what’s going on around them. Anxiety stricken patients avoid going to the Los Angeles Dentist in fear that they may have cavities. And of course, biological mechanisms like wanting to protect ones open air passages, mouth and nose. The patient goes through a fight-or-flight reaction due to the sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office. All of these factors contribute to Dental Anxiety. The mouth is a very intimate part of our body. When a stranger looks inside your mouth, most people often feel embarrassed, ashamed or uncomfortable.

            It’s important to acknowledge your issues and to understand why. Once you know, you can tackle them head on. A great way to start is by meeting your dentist before your treatment starts so you can know the person behind the mask. Tell your Los Angeles Dentist about your fears. The Larchmont dentist is not judgmental and will not dismiss your fears, he will actually work with you to make sure you feel more relaxed – Dentists are trained to handle fear. Dr. Michael A. Kezian DDS will talk to you during your cleaning, let you know about the dental instruments before they are used and explain everything he is doing during your dental appointment so you will be evolved and not feel like you’re in the unknown. The Larchmont Dentist will frequently ask your permission to continue and make sure you get breaks as requested. He gently explains what you will soon feel, and for about how long.

            Bring a trusted family member or friend with you! This helps for reassuring fears and support. They will help calm you before and during your appointment. If you have a gag reflex and dread having x-rays or dental work done, let your Los Angeles Emergency Dentist know, he will make modifications to ensure your ultimate comfort. Noise canceling headphones often help close out the noise of the drill and help you relax within the comfort of your favorite music. Your dentist may even spread your dental visits out to make it easier on you. Agree upon a signal with your Los Angeles Dentist which will let them know if you’re feeling anxiety or feeling any pain. Your Larchmont Dentist will immediately stop and give you a few moments to settle down.

            Most importantly, if you don’t feel comfortable with your Emergency Dentist Los Angeles, it may be a good idea to change dentists and find the right fit for you. It’s okay to look somewhere else. Many dentists lack the patience to treat fearful patients with the care they deserve. Trust between patient and doctor is key – Emergency Dentist Los Angeles goal is to maintain long term relationships with our patients. Your comfort and ease is most important!

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