Los Angeles Dental Implants

Whether your tooth has fallen off or knocked out or you are encountering any other issue and you want to eradicate the issue, a dental implant is the best option to go for. Unlike the crown or bridges, it is a permanent and easy to deal solution for the tooth. With a dental implant, it is easy to have oral hygiene, it’s durable and it also gives aesthetic to the tooth as compared to crown and bridges.

What are the dental implants?

Here in dental implants Los Angeles material we use is pure titanium metal posts which are placed under the gum in the jaw bone and rested for 3-6 months. During this time period the titanium metal fuses with the jaw bone. Once the metal post has merged and integrated with the jaw bone completely it is uncovered and the fabricated tooth or teeth are fixated.

Who invented modern dental implants and what is the history of dental implants?

The history of implants dates back to the early 20th century. Over the years it has gone through different modifications, and in the last thirty years or so it has gone through a paradigm shift. There are different kinds of implants and discussing the types is important. Depending on the type of implant, we can estimate which case will be successful and we can rectify issues other cases may have had. One of the kinds of implants which are currently widely being practiced across the world is the OSSEOINTEGRATED IMPLANTS which is attributed to Dr. P.I. Branemark, a Swedish Orthopedist. This kind of implant is being widely used across the US.

Los Angeles Dental ImplantsHow many implants?

If you have lost several teeth and you are wondering to know that should I have to go through separate implants for each tooth? Then certainly the answer is, no. One implant can be used to recover all the teeth. But it will depend on the case of the patient. It is better you consult the dentist and he/she would be able to explain the matter in a better way.

Composition of dental implants

Implants are made of pure titanium metal. The titanium metal has been used for other body implants as well like the hip implant, false eye implants and many others that are why it is mostly used for the dental implants as well due to its biocompatibility.


How the implant surgery is done?

The implant carried by dentist consists of two stages. In the first stage, the implant is put into the jaw bone and during the surgery local anesthesia is commonly used. It is not that complicated but it needs the attention and precision by the dentist because any deviation could be disastrous later. Our dentists have been operating this surgery for decades and they are competent enough to deal with any issue. We use one of the most advanced kinds of equipments available for the implants and have seen a big success rate.

In the second stage, the gum is revealed and the titanium post which was previously fixed into jaw bone below the gum becomes visible. For this, a minor surgery of gum is done. In both of the stages there wouldn’t be high-level discomfort but for minor discomforts, if any, antibiotics and analgesics would be given. Our dental implant dentist will educate you regarding the activities and schedules of the post dental implants and if you follow those you will not be encountering any issue at all.

Is there any chance of implants rejection?

No. There have been very few reports of implant rejection, in most of the cases, it will be successful. It is not like a kidney transplant or any other kind of body organ failure. Titanium is an inert metal and it would not be reacting with the body organs, therefore, there comes no question of rejection by the body. If any failure occurs, there are remote chances of occurrence, it would be due to other reasons like a failure of localizing the implant in the bone or others, but it will not be a kind of rejection of the body. The failure will be like the bone, in which the metal post was placed, lacked strength or the location of the implant was not located rightly and others etc. But you don’t need to worry, everything will be gauged before the first stage and the evaluation report will be disclosed and explained to you. Any kind of issue or questions raised by you would be answered by our dentists before you agree on the dental implants.

Infection and complications

During the operations, our dentists try their best to keep the surgery sterile by using a sophisticated operating area equipped with modern technology. Certain antibiotic may also be prescribed by our dentists as a precautionary measure. The success of the dental implants depend on your cooperation as well, you need to be caring about your oral hygiene and selection of beverages during and post implants until your implant is pronounced as successful by our dentists.

How long does it take for a complete dental implant?

Dental ImplantsThis will depend on many things like lower jaw implant, upper jaw implant, and many other factors and vary from patient to patient. But in overall it takes about 3-4 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw for integration. Once it is integrated you will need to visit the dental implants Los Angeles for several months and make appointments with our dentist to keep a track record of your dental health unless the restoration is completed successfully.

How much does it cost for dental implants?

The total cost varies from patient to patient because the time period may be different for every patient. But in overall, three main things are important in cost estimation i.e. surgery phase, prosthetic phase, and the restoration phase.

How to care the dental implants?

Once the dental implant is successful you would get your sparkling teeth back but these wouldn’t be carefree. You need to be more concerned with the implants and take care in every manner possible. From choosing the food items to the products for the oral hygiene, everything counts in a successful and long-lasting dental implant. The maintenance of the dental implants need some extra effort to have healthy teeth as it is not like natural teeth, it is synthetic and needs more care. You should focus on oral hygiene and be cautious of letting the dental plaque accumulated on the dental implants. Dental plaques are detrimental for natural teeth too but for the dental implants it is severely harmful and you must not give it a chance to accumulate on the teeth.

We hope the things explained above must have answered many of your questions. But for better explanations and diagnose of the cases visit our office during the office hours. With our professional and decades-long experienced dental implant dentist we are here just a call away or just an online appointment away. For us, you are one of the most important persons when you visit our office and you will observe how we guide, treat and educate the people regarding the dentistry.

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