Porcelain Crowns in Los Angeles


Porcelain crowns are one of the widely practiced prosthetic devices in the field of dentistry and mostly dentist suggest this because this is an adaptable solution. Porcelain crowns are mostly used in many cases and few cases are following:

  • Los Angeles Porcelain CrownsYou had lost one tooth and due to its gap the remaining have shifted from their positions and they have lost their exact position causing gaps between the teeth or causing bad bite. In this case, your porcelain crown helps you in restoring the shifted tooth and fixes the bad bite.
  • Due to excessive decay, the teeth has been damaged severely
  • Teeth have been discolored and it is presenting a bad aesthetic
  • The teeth has been fractured due to some accidents and it is causing pain and presenting bad look as well
  • Due to a new bridge the adjacent teeth were resized and reduced and they are now in need of crown to fulfill bad texture

Los Angeles porcelain crowns are the best way to restore the smile and once the porcelain is fit onto your teeth you can smile and show your sparkling teeth to anyone in a proud way. Crowns are made of different types of material like pure porcelain; porcelain fused to metal, gold alloy, base metal alloys etc.

How long does it take in fixing the crown?

Fixing a Porcelain crowns or any other kind of crown does not take much time. It only takes a maximum of two appointments. In the first appointment, the impression of your tooth is taken and the tooth is prepared for putting the crown onto it. A temporary crown is fitted on the prepared tooth and on the second visit the temporary crown is removed and the newly crafted crown is fitted onto the tooth.


The First Visit:

At the Los Angeles porcelain crown, our experienced dentists will help you from very first visit till the end.

At the first visit the first thing after diagnosis, you will be given a local anesthetic. Depending on the anesthetic you might be numb for one to two hours or more, don’t be nervous about the numbness it would go away eventually and you don’t need to be so concerned at all. The numbness and the reaction of every patient would differ. But be cautious of biting on lip or tongue. If the patient is the kid, keep watching them because any kind of carelessness could result in biting their lip or tongue.

Once you are numb our dentist will prepare the Los Angeles porcelain crown in a specific way to give your new crown a sparkling and aesthetical look. The tooth will be prepared for the new crown and our dentist will move towards the impression stage in which impression of teeth would be prepared.

In case you feel any kind of discomfort or any mild pain you can use any analgesic depending on your medication history, be sure that it does not contradict with your earlier medication. Normally you can take any kind of painkiller but if the discomfort or the pain persists you must contact the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Once the stage of impression is over our dentists will put a temporary crown or bridge depending on the situation, if it is a single tooth a crown will be fit onto the tooth or if it is an assembly a bridge would be the choice. This is for a temporary basis to keep the tooth and its tissues safe from the external things and will be removed later on.

There are few tips which you should know and follow after the first visit which will help you in keeping the teeth safe and protected.

  • You should not overlook the care of your temporary crown because a successful placement of your newly crafted crown is dependent on the temporary crown. The more you care the more will be better chances of successful crown replacement. Meanwhile, you don’t need to be concerned about the dental hygiene, you can do brushing or flossing unless you don’t hurt or damage the tissues.
  • Sometimes it is likely that the temporary crown placed onto the top of the tooth might become loose. In this case, you would need to make an appointment to recement porcelain crown. Before you do though, you should place the crown back on immediately which will help in protecting the resized tooth tissues form the outer things. If you find difficulty in keeping the crown bonded you can use some Vaseline™ which will help keep the crown attached until the next visit to re cementLos Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

    Los Angeles Porcelain Crowns
     porcelain crown. Once again, bear this in mind that replacing the crown on the teeth is of very crucial in nature because it is related to the whole process until the end of the process. The failing of placing the crown back on your teeth will affect the overall work i.e. if you fail to do so, the whole process from taking an impression to new resizing will be affected. So, keep this in mind and if you encounter any issue contact us immediately. We will entertain you immediately; even if it is a dental emergency we can arrange an appointment beyond the office hours.


The Second Visit:

During the second visit at the dentist, your temporary crown will be removed and the cement or any other adhesive which were used to keep the crown bonded will be cleaned. Now it comes the time of placing the new crown. During this the size of the crown, its aesthetic etc. will be kept in mind. Once the process is completed and the new crown is placed you will be able to give a natural laugh with pear-white sparkling teeth. It is likely that in the beginning days after the crown has been placed, you might feel sensitivity to cold things and cold temperature, but it should go away gradually. But if it persists and you find difficulty on the bite or feel the sensitivity to a severe level you should contact us immediately.

We hope that this brief introduction will help you understand the concept of porcelain crowns. If you have any questions in your mind you can contact us and make an appointment with our professional dentist at any time. You can make an appointment online or call us right now. Also, if it is a kind of severe dental emergency we help the patients beyond the office hours.   



Bridges are mostly used when one or more teeth have fallen off. When your tooth is fallen off it creates a space and presents a bad aesthetic, you feel difficulty in chewing food, your tongue often finds it irritating and there are many other things as well. The fact is when your tooth is fallen off, it creates a space and due to its space, the neighboring teeth tend to shift and tilt towards space and it becomes difficult to have a good bite. But this issue can be rectified by using the bridges.

Bridges are the best solution for the tooth or the teeth fell off. Bridges are prosthetic tooth or teeth and these are supported in three ways by natural teeth, by implants or by a combination of both. The bridge fills the open space and it prevents the supporting crowns on sides from tilting further towards the open space, this way it helps us in rectifying both the issue in a single attempt.

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