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In the past, oral health especially the dental decay was common and difficult to deal effectively. Although now the dental decays have been decreased with the availability of new and better options for dental care, but still the issue is not eliminated completely.  On the other hand, once one is faced with this issue three are advanced kind of treatment methods which are more patient-friendly, durable and less sluggish. There are different types of dental fillings and they vary in complexity and materials. Some of the kinds of dental filling are an amalgam, composite, gold, porcelain, resin, or glass ionomer (white fillings). These kinds of teeth fillings, people prefer the white fillings due to its longevity and aesthetic look.

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White fillings        

White fillings are composed of a mixture of glass and plastic and this kind of filling is not only helpful in filling the cavities but it also gives the real aesthetic beauty by changing the color and shape of the teeth.  The process of white fillings is simple and less sluggish, it can be completed in a single appointment and you don’t need to worry about making various trips to our white fillings Los Angeles office. Once you have fixed an appointment with our dentist he will choose the shade of the composite that will be best matched with your teeth’s natural color. After that, he will remove the dental plaque and tartar before applying the composite. Once the composite is applied he will use a special kind of light to make sure that each layer of filling material applied is hardened properly. During applying the filling, it will be ensured that fillings are shaped according to the texture of your teeth and once the filling is completed it will be polished to keep it stain resistant.

White fillings are the most preferred one

People prefer these fillings over other fillings because of the following reasons:

  • The first and one of the most important factors is the façade of the teeth, it gives a natural look to the teeth and one can hardly judge that teeth have gone through filling as the color matching, texture, and everything go
  • They are durable than other kinds of fillings because in this the composite is directly bonded to the enamel and it resists wear and tear and lasts for the longer Mostly this kind of filling last for five years, if proper care is observed, but with the new advances now it can resist even more.
  • They are cost effective, they cost less than gold filling and most of the insurance companies cover the cost of fillings.


How does dental bonding work in Los Angeles?

There are different kinds of dental bonding here we practice the direct and indirect composite methods.

Direct Composite    

Here in our dental clinic, we practice the direct composite method for the white fillings which is the preferred method by the people and easy to carry on as well. It consists of a mixture of plastic and glass particles or quartz and a kind of bright blue light is used to harden the soft materials. This method is less time consuming and can be placed in a single appointment. The composite comes in various shades and can be easily matched with your teeth’s color. Theses composites are resistant to heavy forces and you can chew things without any concern on your back teeth.

Before placing white fillings Los Angeles your teeth will be cleaned and dental plaque, tartar or stain will be removed and then condition your teeth’s enamel and dentin. Once the teeth are conditioned, the resin will be applied to the teeth which will bond to the surface of the teeth. The composites placed on the teeth will be hardened by shining a light of high intensity and the lights will be kept shining for a specified time, around 40 seconds approximately. During shining of light the dentist will wear an orange shield to protect the eyes from the high-intensity light, as the dentist will be having look of the light for several times a day, therefore, they certainly need this, but you will not need any kind of shield as you would not be having look of such lights.

Normally almost every patient asks the same questions to us like, when will I be able to eat or drink? The answer is, you can start right now. There is nothing to worry about the strength of the filling, it is hardened immediately during the treatment by the light and you don’t need to wait for it to be hardened. But you can feel sensitivity to hot and cold things for few days or perhaps for a week or long, but it will disappear by itself, you don’t need to be worried or feel any discomfort.  If the sensitivity doesn’t disappear and persists then you must contact us immediately.

Indirect Composite/Porcelain Inlays

The other type of dental bonding is the indirect composite or porcelain inlays. These kinds of filling are mostly used for filling the back teeth because for those teeth aesthetic is not that important as the strength. To make sure that the fillings are more durable with ultimate strength, these fillings are first prepared in the laboratory and then places later on in the office. So in this term, this will not be completed in one visit and you would have to make a second trip.


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How to keep the white filling healthy

To keep your fillings healthy and give durability to the teeth, you need to be very careful and concerned regarding the basic oral hygiene and choosing the products and ways for this.

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and soft-bristle toothbrush will help you in keeping the fillings healthy
  • Keeping the sugary things away like soda and other beverages would help in giving the filling durability
  • Any antibacterial mouthwash will also help in regard
  • Flossing regularly, at least once a day will keep the teeth and filling away from many evils
  • Such thing which causes immediate discoloration or staining must be avoided like coffee and smoking etc.

If you face any problem you must visit the dentist immediately, this will help in timely restoration and you will be saved from an unprecedented headache.

What to do if your filling falls out?

It happens sometimes that while eating you notice any foreign object is there suddenly. You wonder what is it and it turns out to be your filling. But if this happens to you, don’t be in panic or feel discomfort but contact us immediately. Our dentist will direct you and carry the necessary steps to avoid any unprecedented jeopardy.

Prevention is the better than cure

In every matter, the preventive measure is better rather than to wait for the tragedy to happen and react with the preventive measure. Once you have placed the filling it is better to visit the dentist in a while to diagnose the situation, because the dentist can observe the things in advance and let you know the preventive measure to be taken. Restorations and dental bonding are not long lasting and eventually they will fail and you need to replace them with new ones, therefore you should keep these things in mind and be in contact with our dentist. The preventive measure and regular visit to our dentist will save you from any dental emergency.

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