Teeth Bleaching In Los Angeles

Bleaching is one of the best methods to restore your sparkling smile. Everyone wants a brighter smile but it’s not possible with home-made whitening products. It’s not hard to achieve if you visit our dental office. Here, our professional and experienced dentists have been helping people restore their sparkling and dazzling smiles for years.

There are different ways to whiten teeth and they mainly comprise of two types: at home whitening to a light-activated whitening procedure done by a professional dentist

Bleaching procedure

In this procedure, the natural shade of the teeth is restored giving the teeth a pearl-white look. Whether it is in-office or at-home whitening both depends on the bleach. The bleach is actually a mixture which contains the carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in different concentrations which helps in removing the tartar and discoloration whether it is a superficial or deep stain.

Non-bleaching procedure

We do not use any chemical product like hydrogen peroxide etc in this method. This procedure can be practiced by you at home or you can choose a professional hygienist to do so. There are different kinds of toothpaste for whitening of teeth to remove the stains and improve the discoloration to restore the natural color of the teeth. But any kind of toothpaste you will use for the bleaching will contain a mild amount of abrasive products which will help in speedy removal of stains. Mostly the stains caused by tobacco or coffee and other things which are hard to remove can’t be removed without the help of any teeth bleaching and whitening toothpaste containing abrasive chemical materials.

Cost of teeth bleaching

The cost of the bleaching depends on the method used and depending on the method your teeth will retain the brightness for longer or shorter period.

  • The light-activated bleaching which is also known as chair side bleaching is the best method to turn your teeth into pearl-white teeth. The cost of teeth bleaching could range between $500- 1000 but your teeth would be sparkling immediately and dramatically. But you must bear in mind that this is not a long lasting solution i.e. with the passage of time and depending on the selection of beverages and food items your teeth might get discolored again. But there would be chances that you retain the brightness if you follow the tips given by our dentists and avoid dealing with such things which affect the coloring of teeth immediately and leave tartars which are difficult to deal with. If the teeth after years get discolored again, you need to spend the same amount again to retain the pear-white teeth.
  • Another way is practicing in-home bleaching for which you would need certain products which can be prescribed by our teeth bleaching A custom made mouthpiece will be given to you and you will need to wear that mouthpiece for several hours a day or night, depending on your flexibility, for about two weeks. If you notice that the teeth are again getting discolored you should wear the mouthpiece again. This kind of assembly for bleaching will cost around $300-500 depending on the level of severity of the tartars and the discoloration every person’s cost will vary.
  • You can get the over-the-counter products which are used for bleaching. These products include boil and bite tray, whitening gels along with the brushes and whitening strips, this is the most cost effective bleaching method and it will cost you less than $100. If you want further direction in cost of teeth bleaching regarding these things you can reach us during office hours.

How to deal with the sensitivity after teeth bleaching?

Sometimes, not all the time or in all the cases, you would feel sensitivity to hot or cold things and the environment. In such cases, you should do the following.

 Sensitivity toothpaste

You will find the sensitive toothpaste on drug stores. These toothpastes are prepared by using such ingredients which help in relieving the pain and sensitivity after bleaching. Normally this kind of toothpastes contain potassium nitrate which is a pain reliever associated with the tooth sensitivity.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum has no direct impact on the sensitivity or the pain but while chewing gum you will not be focused on pain and sensitivity so it will help you in distracting from the pain and sensitivity. In this term, this is a better practice for a temporary relief.

Take a break

If you are using teeth whitening product and you feel that the sensitivity and pain are persistent with the usage of these products then you should take a break and stop using these things.


How to prevent the teeth from discoloration after teeth bleaching? 

Once you have gone through teeth bleaching Los Angeles there are certain things to keep in mind if you want to retain sparkling teeth for a very long time.

  • Avoid such foods and beverages which cause immediate staining and discoloration. These include many things but few are coffee, wine, tea and sports drinks etc.
  • One of the main reasons of staining and discoloration are such dyes which cause fatal effects on the color of teeth and turns the teeth into tartar wrapped teeth. You should avoid such beverages and if you want to use then you should use a straw to drink such beverages. This will help in keeping the colorful beverage away from the teeth.
  • Smoking is one of the top reasons of the discoloration and staining of teeth. If you want to keep bright and sparkling teeth then you must quit smoking.

How long the teeth whitening last?

This depends on certain factors. We here at teeth bleaching Los Angeles use high quality and refined products for bleaching and use one of the advanced and sophisticated methods for the bleaching. But it is not guaranteed that your teeth bleaching will last forever. But if you follow the tips mentioned above and care your teeth then it must last for more than ten years.

Thing to keep in mind

As the teeth bleaching is one of the best methods to have sparkling teeth and to restore your smiles but there are few things you should keep in mind before going to vote for the teeth bleaching.

  • If you have gone through tooth restoration earlier it is likely that your teeth wouldn’t sparkle the way you would expect. There is a rare chance that the crowns, bridges, and veneers will be turned into bright teeth like natural teeth.
  • If you are allergic to the whitening agent, better you don’t try the bleaching. In bleaching whitening agent is used and you might find it allergic.
  • If you have any other dental issue you must resolve the issue before going for the dental bleaching. Any kind of infection, crack in teeth, or any other oral health must be resolved before dental bleaching.

We hope you have found the answer for many questions in the discussion. For more details, you can reach us at our office hours. You can make an appointment via online form or you can make a call to us directly.

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